Our Ministries
Christ Chapel of Long Beach

Our Mission

Christ Chapel has been formed as a fellowship of believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Above all, it is our desire to know Jesus Christ and depend upon the Holy Spirit to mold our lives in His likeness. Our mission as a church is to present everyone mature in Christ.

Women's Ministries

If you want to get involved in serving the Women's Ministries, please contact Fran Fuqua.

Children & Youth Ministries

Help your Children Grow in a Positive Direction

Nursery Room

A nursery room is available for younger children.

Sunday School

Every Sunday, church school is available for children (from ages 5 to 12) to make crafts, have fun, and learn about God.

Youth Ministries

If you want to get involved in serving the church's youth, please contact Margo Martinez.

Signing Choir

Let your finger praise Him

Christ Chapel of Long Beach Sign Choir invites you to come to join our ministry as we sing Praises to God in an exciting and unique way with our hands using sign language (ASL) and body movements. If you are interested, please contact John K. Crawford.

Performing Arts Ministry

The performing arts ministry uses drama, humor, skits, and puppets to spread God's word. If you want to get involved in this ministry, please contact us.

Audio & Visual Ministry

Did the good Lord provide you an aptitude for all things technical? Those who serve in the Media Ministry are extremely important to our fruitful worship. These volunteers use technology to enhance our enjoyment of Jesus through the presentation of visuals, including lyrics and videos, as well as shape our audio enjoyment through sound engineering, interested in volunteering, see Margo Martinez

Sing for Him

The worship at CCLB is heavily influenced by contemporary Christian and Gospel vibes. Our dynamic worship team will surely move you in the Holy Spirit along with special performances and solos reflecting our diverse religious upbringings. Joyful and uninhibited, all our energy and passion are focused on bringing us closer to Him. Come and join us.

Musical and technical talents are always needed. Willingness, consistency, and a heart for God are especially desired. Please contact us.

Hospital Visitation

Help Us Comfort those in Need

If you know someone who is hospitalized that would like prayers or friendly visits, please call Margo at the church office. Also, if you would like to volunteer to be part of this ministry, contact Margo.

Bible Study


Come join us every Wednesday night at 6:45 pm in the Christ Chapel Sanctuary.

Ushers & Greeter's Ministry

Here at Christ Chapel, the greeters and ushers ministry is an important part of the local body of Christ. Greeters and Ushers are often the first people that a visitor meets when attending our church. Ushers have the responsibility of overseeing many of the integral functions that make up a worship service, If you are interested, please contact John Crawford.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Warriors

Anyone wishing to be prayed with immediately after Sunday services can find the prayer warriors at the front of the church (where the musicians sit). If you want to get involved in this ministry, please please see either Minister Fran or Minister Belinda.

Prayer Service – Every Monday at 6:45 pm.

Prayer is vital to our lives as Christians and to the life of the church. If you are interested in helping with the Prayer Services, please see Pastor Tony.